Wow! M1 Carbine and SA EMP in one place!

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  • Shorts

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    Mar 28, 2008
    We're out killing time this nice Saturday afternoon. We went to the Old Town Gun Shop on Main St in Lewisville to poke around. It was a quiet little store, looked like they were putting up inventory for the end of the afternoon. But we chatted with the folks there.

    Taking a hands-on look at guns, they had a really neat Korean War M1 Carbine that would have been so fun to take home. I also had to ask about a Springfield EMP. As it turns out, the gentleman had a brand new one he picked up for himself/his son but is selling it now to pay the rent. It was everything I thought it'd feel like in the hand. Sexy little pistol.

    It would have been fun to take both those fine fireams home but we're not at a place where we could drop the money for them. It was good to know that we found a close by shop to do business with

    Ohh, we checked on ammo too. They were clean out of .45acp and 9mm. They did have some shotgun and rifle cartidges but they said they were hit pretty hard on shortage. Maybe next time.
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