WTB AR15 Stuff (Stock/Mags/Etc)


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Nov 26, 2008
I have a 20" complete flat-top upper and a complete lower (sans stock assembly).

I need

  • A stock. Got one, but I still might be willing to spring for a Magpul UBR or one thats like the LMT SOPMOD stock, used or new
  • Railed hanguards
  • Mags Got what I need for mags, but will always consider some PMAGs
  • Bipod. If it can attach to the rails, great. Otherwise I'll try to pick up a rail/bipod adapter. I'd really like something that's quick to attach/detach
  • Ammo
  • Nice trigger
  • Nice grip
  • Anything else you think I might need!


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Nov 20, 2008
San Antonio
Sorry to hijack the thread but how much are you looking to get for the scope? Interested in any trades?
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