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Mar 21, 2012
For Sale or Trade for reason none other than I just don't fire this thing, ever. I got it as a truck gun to leave it in the vehicle at all times in case I didn't have something with me and I realized that I carry every where I go with my PX4 .40S&W and don't really need it. My cheap Mosin sits in there as a backup any how.

Gun is as new and no wear that I can tell. Been sitting in it's little zipper case in the cab.

LC9 with the original mags (2 and one is with the finger lip) probably has about 200 rounds through it on the high end (most just to get used to trigger pull)
Have the original Ruger zipper case (might even have box somewhere, too)
Since I also have like 50 + various bulk 9mm cartridges I'll probably offload those too (1 mag is filled with Hornady C-Defense)

I know pic sell, but I can't upload them (on my phone and th Tapatalk App keeps crashing so I am using my tablet and the pics aren't on there) Just google pics for now and I will get them uploaded at some point (edit: forum says I don't have permission... whatever. New management has changed some things and I don't care enough to research resolution as I was happy the way things were, but any who, mini rant over).

I am either looking for some extra holiday cash or trade for another pistol

For cash I would like to get $325 (ammo included). I am in no hurry to sell but reasonable offers are always considered.

For trades... Well I am not really interested in another 9mm and have no idea what I want to get next. I have been looking to get a MR Baby Eagle .45 so I would be willing to put in extra towards something of higher cost if it interests me so throw some options by me. I like the Walther set up as well so I might be interested one of those but don't know much about their models. I might be interested in the Beretta Nano too as that seems to be the brand I am attracted to (wish the made the 92 in a .45 design)

PM me if you have an questions.


Went to the range and the ammo mysteriously disappeared. Adjusted price.
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