WTS: .44 magnum Ammo and Reloading Supplies (Austin)

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  • perdurabo

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    Dec 30, 2008
    I sold my .44 magnum awhile back but still have ammo and reloading supplies left over I have no need for.

    -Lee Deluxe Carbide .44 Mag/.44 Special reloading die set (sizing die, seating die, powder through expanding die, and factory crimp die). I do not have the shell holder. $15

    -Frankford Arsenal max cartridge size gauge for .44 Magnum - $10

    -100 Hornady .44 cal 240gr .430" cast lead semi-wadcutter bullets - $20

    -About 400 .44mag 200gr. cast lead bullets (blue wax sized) made by Just Ammo in San Antonio TX - $40

    -53 rounds of Magtech factory .44 magnum 240gr FMJ (loaded ammo) - $25

    -18 rounds of Federal Premium 300 Grain Castcore .44 magnum hunting ammo (loaded ammo) - $25

    -23 rounds of 240gr jacketed hollow point 44 magnum commercially remanufactured by Collins Cartridge Company (loaded ammo) - $10

    I would VERY VERY much prefer to sell to someone who can buy all of this stuff all at once and who can pick it up in person in the Austin area. If I have to ship it, I'd prefer you buy ALL the loaded ammo since making trips to the UPS customer center during their business hours to ship ORM-D packages is a major PITA for me.

    No trades. Send inquiries to: perdurabo93@yahoo.com. Do not send me IMs/PMs!

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