WTS Bianchi X16 Agent Shoulder System- 92F, 92FCM, 96F, 92/96F Centurion- NE Houston

Ghost Fish

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Nov 24, 2011
Humble, TX
This is a right handed draw version. It is in excellent shape and has only been worn a couple of times. I no longer need it since I sold my 92FS.

$80 FTF or $85 shipped.

From Bianchi's site:

  • Premium, full grain cowhide holster
  • Featherweight, slimline design for all day comfort and concealability
  • Silicone-suede X-style harness is flexible, strong and contours to the torso
  • Fits chests up to 48"
  • Holster system includes 2 suede leather tie downs to secure holster and offside pouch to belt


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