WTS Bulgarian AKS-74 (Side-Folder) FTF Hou TX

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    This is a semi-automatic Bulgarian AKS-74 assembled by Ohio Rapid Fire on an Arsenal USA receiver. The gun has black synthetic furniture and a side-folding stock. It has NOT been fired by myself or the sole previous owner (my father), but may have been fired in Bulgaria or by ORF. It's had the magazine well enlargement recently completed by ORF, so no troubles with the magazines I've tried.
    It comes with:
    A black Bulgarian magazine, a sling, the cleaning kit, the stripper clips and guide. The other accessories (bayonet + ???) were lost in a move.

    The BUYER may also purchase the following:
    1 case (2160 rounds) of military surplus ammunition sealed in “spam cans”
    500 rounds Wolf ammunition – boxed
    Price: $450


    4 East German magazines (used) in an East German mag pouch, $100

    $800 cash FIRM FTF Houston, TX. TX ID required. Please email me, ani.eliyahu@gmail.com

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