WTS (Round Rock) NIB Umarex Colt M4 Carbine 22LR


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Jan 20, 2013
Round Rock(1431/IH35)
Bought it new this past spring (at the peak of the panic/hype = paid too much) and with my busy work schedule have never had a chance to take it out to the range/has never been fired. (not even dry fired, as I was taught to never dry fire any weapon or risk breaking something...but maybe that is just me being old school) Still in original box with everything that comes with them NIB (1 -30 round mag, a cable lock, manual and some advertising paperwork). I guess I would be open to trades, but don't really have any specific needs for anything else right now. Its a pretty cool rifle, as it feels a little heftier/sturdy and not all plastic like the Mossberg 715T. I would post a pic but it basically looks the same as the images on gooooogle and it is mint/new condition. I don't have to sell it but figured I would see if there is any interest for it out there? Offers??
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