WTS/T ACU, DCU, Woodycam and other stuff


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Mar 3, 2008
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ACU Stuff:
1 set Knee pads, $15 shipped
1 E-Tool Carrier, $10 shipped
1 MOLLE II WaistPack, $15 shipped
1 Bandoleer, $15 shipped
4 Canteen/Mag/GP's, $12 ea shipped, or $45 shipped for all 4
2 Grenade Pouches $6 ea shipped, or $10 for both [color:RED]**SOLD**[/color]
2 FlashBang Pouches, $7 ea shipped, or $13 for both [color:RED]**SOLD**[/color]
1 100 rd SAW Pouch/GP, $10 shipped[color:RED]**SOLD**[/color]
1 XL ACH Cover. Used, slight tear in the top. $10 shipped
1 Set #6 pads, used but washed and in very good shape. $17 shipped [color:RED]**SPF**[/color]
1 PASGT Rhino Mount, $25 shipped
1 pr, OD Hatch Operator Gloves, shorty. XL $25 shipped[color:RED]**SOLD**[/color]
DCU Stuff:
1 set, MOLLE II Grenadier set. Still in packaging. $75 shipped
Woodycam Stuff:
1 Pr Elbow Pads, used but in good shape, $17 shipped
1 Buttpack, Good shape, small holes in the lid. rain cover inside still intact. $15 shipped
2 Grenade Pouches, $6 ea, $10 for both shipped
2 Dual Mag/Grenade Carrier Pouches, $12 ea, or $20 shipped for both
1 Mag Carrier/Canteen/GP, $12 shipped
1 SPEC Ops X6 (I believe), $6 shipped
4 ea BHI enhanced buttpack. Dusty, but in excellent shape. $22 ea Shipped [color:RED]**1 SPF**[/color]
1 SF Pressure switch. I XM07 cable I believe, it was found in one of the Mag Pouches. $35 shipped sound fair to folks? [color:RED]**SPF**[/color]
1 Small M40 Mask. Cannister is a little dented, but NO deficiencies of any kind on the mask itself. $50?
I am looking for:
PMAG's, Any color.(Who aint?)
KelTec 9MM pistola (Back up gun)
Spartan bag or HBC? :ROFL:
Make an offer, all I can say is no.
PP is my way and please add the 4% for blood money.
labbott@hot.rr.com is the addy you need.
ALSO, if you see something and figure the price is jacked up, PM ME and make an offer. Dont worry bout hurting my feelings, I want this stuff gone, so I can buy more..... :evil:
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