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WTS/T ACU, DCU, Woodycam and other stuff

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    Mar 3, 2008
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    ACU Stuff:
    1 set Knee pads, $15 shipped
    1 E-Tool Carrier, $10 shipped
    1 MOLLE II WaistPack, $15 shipped
    1 Bandoleer, $15 shipped
    4 Canteen/Mag/GP's, $12 ea shipped, or $45 shipped for all 4
    2 Grenade Pouches $6 ea shipped, or $10 for both [color:RED]**SOLD**[/color]
    2 FlashBang Pouches, $7 ea shipped, or $13 for both [color:RED]**SOLD**[/color]
    1 100 rd SAW Pouch/GP, $10 shipped[color:RED]**SOLD**[/color]
    1 XL ACH Cover. Used, slight tear in the top. $10 shipped
    1 Set #6 pads, used but washed and in very good shape. $17 shipped [color:RED]**SPF**[/color]
    1 PASGT Rhino Mount, $25 shipped
    1 pr, OD Hatch Operator Gloves, shorty. XL $25 shipped[color:RED]**SOLD**[/color]
    DCU Stuff:
    1 set, MOLLE II Grenadier set. Still in packaging. $75 shipped
    Woodycam Stuff:
    1 Pr Elbow Pads, used but in good shape, $17 shipped
    1 Buttpack, Good shape, small holes in the lid. rain cover inside still intact. $15 shipped
    2 Grenade Pouches, $6 ea, $10 for both shipped
    2 Dual Mag/Grenade Carrier Pouches, $12 ea, or $20 shipped for both
    1 Mag Carrier/Canteen/GP, $12 shipped
    1 SPEC Ops X6 (I believe), $6 shipped
    4 ea BHI enhanced buttpack. Dusty, but in excellent shape. $22 ea Shipped [color:RED]**1 SPF**[/color]
    1 SF Pressure switch. I XM07 cable I believe, it was found in one of the Mag Pouches. $35 shipped sound fair to folks? [color:RED]**SPF**[/color]
    1 Small M40 Mask. Cannister is a little dented, but NO deficiencies of any kind on the mask itself. $50?
    I am looking for:
    PMAG's, Any color.(Who aint?)
    KelTec 9MM pistola (Back up gun)
    Spartan bag or HBC? :ROFL:
    Make an offer, all I can say is no.
    PP is my way and please add the 4% for blood money. is the addy you need.
    ALSO, if you see something and figure the price is jacked up, PM ME and make an offer. Dont worry bout hurting my feelings, I want this stuff gone, so I can buy more..... :evil:
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