WTS Task Force flashlight with Cree LED 150 lumens

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    Jan 14, 2009
    This is the one that puts out 150+ lumens on two C-size batteries.

    Retails at Lowe's for $29.97

    Task Force at Lowe's: Super 3 Watt LED Aluminum Flashlight

    This is NOT the Luxeon LED. This is the much brighter Cree. Talked about here on Candlepowerforums.

    OMG - NEW Lowes Task Force 3W "CREE" 2C 150+ lumens - Page 13 - CandlePowerForums

    It "throws" light very far in a high intensity beam. LED means it will never burn out or break.

    Comes with holster and two fresh Duracell batteries.

    $20 shipped. Email me for my Paypal address.


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