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  1. Eli

    Eli Well-Known


    *** I will be in Austin from July 2 until July 5, so delivery is possible in the Austin area this weekend! ***

    I have the following available FTF Houston, TX area. I am willing to ship firearms and accessories (NOT ammunition) for additional costs, but much prefer a FTF transaction. TX ID or FFL required for all firearms! These are all from my personal collection, I am selling off some stuff I don't shoot.
    Feel free to make CASH offers, especially on the ammunition! The only trades I'm interested in are:
    Beretta BM59, BM62, and BM69 rifles, magazines, or parts.
    Smith & Wesson 5906-type 9MM.
    7.62 NATO ammunition – prefer Boxer primed
    CZ-82 9MM Makarov or CZ-83 in .380
    Other than those, I'm really not interested.

    PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY – ani.eliyahu@gmail.com – TO CONTACT ME! Thanks!

    H1. Taurus PT1911 .45 ACP. Unfired, in box. This is all black without the rail. $550 – Back on the market, buyer pulled a disappearing act.

    Long Guns:
    L1. Destroyer Carbine, 9MM LARGO, S/N 413XX. Very good to excellent condition. Good shooter. $SOLD

    L2. Rare SKS “Sniper” 7.62X39, S/N 240010XX. This was imported by Navy Arms and sold to my father by Val Forgett himself, they were long-time business associates and friends. Short “Para” barrel length (this was the FIRST batch imported), WWII German-style rail-mounted scope and matching case. This has had few rounds down the barrel, using only US-made Winchester ammunition. Several stripper clips, a Chinese oil bottle, and a Chinese chest pouch are included with this. $650

    L3. Marlin MR-7 .30-06, S/N 020015XX. Purchased new, never fired, never had a scope mounted. This rifle is beautiful, and includes new (Redfield or Weaver, I don't remember) scope mounts, bases, etc. $700 includes a scope or few, and 3 boxes of Federal 165 grain JSP ammo.

    L4. Finnish Moisin-Nagant rifle, 1970-dated “sneak”. 7.62X54R, S/N 3058XX. Very good to excellent condition, this gun came in during the 70s IIRC. I don't recall if it's import marked or not. I have several boxes of Lapua and S&B brass cased boxer primed ammunition available for additional cost. $400

    L5. Sporterized 7.7 Jap rifle. This is a neat piece with a scope, bent bolt, etc. Supposed to shoot very well, a cousin took a deer with it a few years ago. Includes 6 boxes – 120 rounds – of Norma #17721 130 grain JSP factory ammunition, and one box with 18 rounds of Norma #17721 and 1 unknown load in Norma brass for a total of 139 rounds of ammunition. Most of the ammo is bright and shiny, a few rounds have slight tarnish – not corrosion – on them. Pictured sling NOT included, it's a family piece. Asking $400, I will not sell the rifle without the ammo unless somebody buys the ammo separately at $30/box.

    L6. Sporterized 6.5 Jap rifle. Cool little carbine, chamber opened up to 6.5X55 (6.5 Swedish Mauser). Looks cool, should be a great shooter – I haven't shot it since the gunsmith re-chambered it. Asking $250, includes 1 box of Igman 139 gr SP 6.5 Swedish ammunition, 1 box of “T's” 120 gr PSP 6.5 Swedish, and 1 box of “T's” 140 gr PSP 6.5 Swedish.

    L7. Chinese SKS rifle. I believe this is a military gun (not a Norinco or Poly-Tech commercial), screwed in barrel, folding spike bayonett. Stock has some repairs at the wrist. Includes 6 stripper clips. $SOLD

    L8. Poly-Tech AKS 7.62X39. Fixed stock, folding bayonet, stamped receiver. This gun is in excellent condition and appears to have been fired very little. This is a factory-original, pre-ban, Keng's imported gun. These will increase in value as they're pre-89 ban and rather rare. Includes 2 original Poly-Tech chrome-follower 30-round magazines and 1 standard blued Chinese magazine. Asking $1300 – make a cash offer! I have a variety of ammunition (including steel-core in tins), magazines (European), and accessories for this rifle available to the purchaser of this rifle at additional cost.

    Parts And Accessories:
    P1. Broomhandle mauser upper. $SOLD

    P2. PPS-43 parts kit. $SOLD

    P3. Three (3) Russian AK-47 slab-side magazines in Russian (?) pouch. I've had these for about 15 years, were supposedly Afghan bring-backs from some trip – I bough these in the mid-90s well before the current incursion there. These have several proof marks on them. Asking $250 for the set.

    P4. East German AK-74 magazines. Lightly used, in very good or better condition. Five available, $20 each.

    P5. Plum AK-74 magazines. I think these are Bulgarian, look new, very slight storage wear, 2 available at $20 each.

    P6. Black AK-74 magazines. I think these are Bulgarian, look new, very slight storage wear, 2 available at $20 each. SPF!

    P7. Black AK-74 magazine, used, good condition, unknown origin. One available for $15.

    P8. Chinese 75 round AK drum, excellent, has been loaded but never 'used'. $125

    A1. $SOLD

    A2. $SOLD

    A3. $SOLD

    A4. $SOLD

    A5. Several types of boxed 7.62X39 available for $0.25rd ($5/box) with a $20 minimum. Some is Chinese commercial boxed, the rest is East German plastic-core training ammo.

    A6. Wolf 5.45X39, 70 gr FMJ, commercial boxed. 400+ rounds, some is loose, $80 OBO.

    A7. RARE 1 box (20 rounds) of commercial “ERZEUGT in USSR” 7.62X54R FMJ. I don't think I've ever seen another like it, it's packaged in a cheap white, yellow, and blue box. I believe this was some sort of sporting ammo sold in (East? West?) Germany 20+ years ago. $50 OBO

    A8. 100 rounds (5 boxes) Sellier & Bellot #2940 180 grain soft point. This is in plain blue-gray boxes. Boxer primed, non-corrosive, non-erosive, reloadable quality ammunition. $20/box

    A9. 80 rounds (4 boxes) Sellier & Bellot #2940 180 grain soft point. This is in commercial boxes. Boxer primed, non-corrosive, non-erosive, reloadable quality ammunition. $20/box

    A8 and A9 are both the same S&B part number, most appear to be a brass and lead projectile but one box of C is copper and lead.

    A10. 35 rounds (1 complete box and 1 partial box) Hansen Cartridge Company “Posi Feed” 180 grain. $20

    A11. 60 rounds (3 boxes) Norma #214 “7.62 Russ.” 180 grain soft point boat tail $25/box

    A12. 9 loaded rounds + 8 empties Norma #214 “7.62 Russ.” 180 grain soft point boat tail. $10

    A13. 20 rounds (1 box) Norma #17634 180 grain soft point boat tail. $25

    A14. 6 loaded rounds + 12 empties Norma #17634 180 grain soft point boat tail $10

    A15. 80 rounds (4 boxes) Lapua 185 grain Match. One box is open, the other 3 are still factory sealed. Boxer primed, reloadable. Over-labeled by the importer, original green label slightly visible beneath. $25/box

    A16. 100 rounds (5 boxes) Lapua 185 grain. Two boxes are open, the other 3 are still factory sealed. Boxer primed, reloadable. Factory green label. $25/box

    A17. 16 rounds once-fired Lapua brass + 4 rounds once-fired S&B brass. $5.00

    A18. Fiocchi 7.5 Swiss Ordnance, box of 50, 107 grain FMJ. I have no idea how or why I got this but it's hard to come by and expensive. $30

    A19. Peters .32 Winchester Special. 170 grain core-lokt, 32 rounds in two antique boxes. Some might be reloads, I don't know but the primers aren't all the same color. $10

    A20. PMC .45-70 405 grain lead flat point, smokeless. $SOLD

    A21. Remington .45-70, 9 rounds in a damaged antique red and green box. 405 grain jacketed soft point. $SOLD

    A22. Federal .45-70 300 grain jacketed hollow point. 2 boxes of 20, both have tarnished rounds, some water was spilled during transportation. $SOLD

    A23. Winchester Western .45-70, 300 grain jacketed hollow point. 19 rounds + 1 empty. Box has some damage but rounds are bright and shiny. $SOLD

    A24. Remengton once-fired brass, 20 rounds in a box, $SOLD

    A25. Winchester-Western primed brass, old yellow box, 17 rounds unfired. Some have tarnish, + 1 'fired' round. $SOLD

    A26. Box of 20 once-fired .45-70 brass, R-P headstamp. $SOLD

    A27. Remington .35 Remington, 200 grain core-lokt jacketed soft point. 20 rounds in the box, fairly recent production. $20

    A28. Remington .444 Marlin, 240 grain jacketed soft point. 20 rounds in the box, fairly recent production. $SOLD

    A29. Winchester Western “Big Bore 94” .375 Winchester, #X375W. 200 grain power-point. Full box of 20. $20

    A30. Winchester Western “Big Bore 94” .375 Winchester, #X375W1. 250 grain power-point. 1 full box of 20, 1 box with 3 rounds + 13 empties. $25

    A31. Poly-Tech (and Norinco) labeled 7.62X39 Steel-core. 550 rounds on strippers per tin, military grade. Imported by Keng's (a/k/a Poly-Tech). $350 per tin of 550 rounds or $600 per 2-tin crate.

    Thanks for looking!


  2. Wolfwood

    Wolfwood Self Appointed Board Chauvinist TGT Supporter

    May 12, 2009
    ont he walther p22, is the barrel threaded or unthreaded?
  3. cowboy45

    cowboy45 Active Member

    May 1, 2008
    mexia texas
    pm sent
  4. Eli

    Eli Well-Known

    Non-threaded, 3.42" I think. Gun is in the box with the master lock, fired brass, fired brass, etc. I actually need a threaded one for a can LOL

  5. ducksps

    ducksps Active Member

    Mar 3, 2008
    Austin, Houston
    All Walther P22 pistols are threaded. You just need the adapter that goes on the existing threads and makes it ready for 1/2 by 28. The Sig 22 is the one that comes in two versions. Use the included wrench that came with the p22 pistol and when you remove the barrel from the gun you will expose the threaded portion.
  6. Wolfwood

    Wolfwood Self Appointed Board Chauvinist TGT Supporter

    May 12, 2009
    if you still have the p22 on the 23 i will send ya a USPS money order. and throw in an extra $50 bucks for the trouble of UPS shipping.
    maybe even the 17th at the soonest.
    ive wanted a p22 since they came out.
  7. Eli

    Eli Well-Known

    BTT - updated & added pictures.

  8. Eli

    Eli Well-Known

    BTT - updates and additions!

  9. Texas42

    Texas42 TGT Addict

    Nov 21, 2008
    pm sent
  10. Eli

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    BTT - entertaining reasonable offers!

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