WTS Various Ammo 9mm - 45ACP - 44mag

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Apr 1, 2011
San Antonio, Tx
San Antonio

2 boxes Winchester White Box 100rd Target 9mm 115gr FMJ $40 each
1 Box Winchester White Box 50rd 9mm 147gr TCMC $25
2 Boxes Pierce 50rd 9mm 115gr FMJ $20 each

2 boxes Fiocchi 50rd 45ACP 230gr $20 each box
1 box Winchester Personal Protection .45ACP 230gr SXT $25

.44 Mag
3 boxes Winchester White box 50rd 44Mag 240gr JHP $45 each
1 partial box 11rds Winchester Platinum Tip 44Mag 250gr PTHP $15

PM if interested and list the ammo. Local cash sale San Antonio FTF. I consider the prices listed as fair as its readily avail with no shipping or tax - but I will consider best offers especially for the whole lot.

The listed price for the whole bulk lot is $360 but if you want the whole lot I can let it all go for $300 cash.
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May 11, 2009
H-Town, TX
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Please reply by conversation.
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