WTS Wolf 223 Ammo

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Aug 6, 2008
Whitesboro, TX
I have a plastic wrapped block (of individual boxes) of 500 rounds of Wolf 223 55gr FMJ that I'll sell for $200.

I have 30 individual boxes (20 rounds/box) of Wolf 223 62gr FMJ that I will sell for $8.00/box. That would be $240 for the lot of 62gr.

All are phosphate cases; not lacquered. Sales are FTF. This Saturday, I will be traveling down I-35 from Gainesville to Hurst (via 35W) and then on to the Elm Fork shooting range in Dallas. I can meet along the way to Hurst Saturday morning (probably be near Denton around 10:30 and Cabelas around 11:00 AM) or I can meet at the shooting range that afternoon but I won't have time to stop between Hurst and the shooting range. If the morning doesn't work, I can meet on the return trip that evening but I won't know the timeline until I leave Hurst.
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