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WTT HK G3 parts kit for AK parts kit

Discussion in 'Gun Accessories & Ammo' started by Bravodigger, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Bravodigger

    Bravodigger New Member

    WTT/WTS HK G3 parts kit for AK parts kit

    Got this this kit from hkparts web site a while back. I'm tooled up for building AKs currently and that's really all I want to work on. It doesn't have a barrel and I've demilled the trunion and pressed off the barrel parts. The kit has no barrel.
    They currently run about $400 minus the demill work I've done, I'm looking to trade for an AK parts kit preferably a 47 but not scared of a 74. Hell, let me know of any trades you got. I'm especially interested in cz pistols or bulk ammo in .223/5.56,762x39,45acp.
    Thanks for looking,
    Oh, almost forgot it also comes with 6 mags and one of them is the steel mag that hkparts sold it with.


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  2. Bravodigger

    Bravodigger New Member

    if anyone's looking to buy one of these I'll sell the kit and mags shipped for $400. A better deal than you can get online for a true hk parts kit.

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