Yep. Another one.


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Feb 22, 2009
Im Daryn from Denison. Im 26, and have lived here all my life. Been shooting for several years but nothing of my own until a few weeks ago. Took a while to figure out what I wanted. Settled on one gun, but a friend made me an offer on an HK USP .45 that I couldn't refuse so... I own a USP now. :) Hopefully by the time I scrounge up another bit of cash, I can go get a good carry piece because the USP is... well... its not ideal.
I'll usually put in range time at Red River Firearms in Sherman Texas, but I hear there is an outdoor range in Tom Bean.

Put 100rnds down range today at RRF. I'll probably be out there in another week or so, just look for a chubby guy with a goatee, glasses and my trademark solid black hat. lol
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