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My response in < 420 characters. Nothing 2 trade, T-Gvng too long. Will look for 9mm carbine closer/sooner. Msg me if timeline shortens.
Not my intent to flake, just want to get what I want & need sooner. Msg me if sooner looks possible.
Thanks very much
100% understand. Will do if it's still around.
#19 Glock 19 TALO Ameriglo front sight Gen 4 is still available? Please send pictures to 832.878.8885

I would like to purchase #15 FN 509. I live in Rockwall and work for Dallas Fire, so can meet anywhere in the area that is convenient for you.

- Mark
Please tell us which business you run @ New Braunfels, so we could try to patronize it next visit there. leVieux
Wainwright's Firearms, Inc. - 201-1 Deborah. We're a small shop - but we can repair or build pretty much anything a customer might desire. One of the few that still do hot bluing. I'm very seldom there....which E.j. probably prefers, LOL!!!
looking for a good shoulder holster for a Ruger LC9s. Anyone know where to start looking.
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