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    1. ETH77

      WTS Houston: Teardowns - not for firearms use.

      357 SIG reloaded brass Starline 40 S&W loaded and empty brass various head stamps both nickel and unplated 357 mag loaded brass Starline 7.62x39 unmarked, but originally Wolf HP one box of Wolf 7.62x39 a few 45 ACP brass cases and some reloaded brass DO NOT USE IN FIREARMS - teardown only...
    2. 2sam22

      1273 rounds of 357 Sig including 1073 rounds of Speer Gold Dot

      $475 (2 ammo cans included) Less than 40 cents per round, PLUS two ammo cans are included. 1273 rounds of 357 Sig including 1073 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 1073 rounds Speer Gold Dot 50 rounds Remington UMC 50 rounds Winchester White Box 13 rounds Pow’R Ball 64 assorted rounds of Cor-bon, PMC, FMJ...
    3. locke_n_load

      Open Carry Experiences

      Thought it would be cool for people to describe their OC experiences, if they choose to open carry. I open carried in Chick-Fil-A today. It was a non-issue (as I expected). Everyone was friendly, didn't get any strange looks or anything like that. But as I left with my food, I heard the girl...
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