1. S

    WTS/WTT WTS/WTT AK-74 [Cedar Hill]

  2. w0280093

    WTS Zastafa OPAP AK

    Selling my Zastafa OPAP. Imported by Century Arms, these are no longer being imported/produced. Very hard to find. Excellent build quality. I've put ~200 round through it. If interested, I have the factory grenade launcher flip up sight as well as the front/rear tritium night sights w/ new...
  3. J

    5.45x39 in Houston

    Does anyone know of a good store(s) in the Houston area that sells 5.45x39 ammo? I have visited several Walmarts and Academys and I have yet to find any. I am new too the Houston area so locations would be good too. Thanks
  4. Bravodigger

    AK build tools (Austin)

    I've got some AK build tools mostly from AKBuilder.com for sale in Austin. I'd prefer a ftf transaction simply because the tools are so bulky and heavy, but I'm not against shipping. I've used these tools for two builds and everything is like new with the exception of the spot welder which was...
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