1. MrWhip

    My wife doesn't care about neck vs full-length sizing .223/5.56 brass...

    Thank ya'll for the warm welcome to site. Like I mentioned in my introduction thread, I am new to reloading. I am a meticulous type, as I expect many other re-loaders are, and I enjoy reading up, getting feedback from others, and watching "internets" videos to learn. Like my post title...
  2. D

    SOLD Once-fired .308 Win brass

    I have 544 pieces of once-fired .308 Win brass. All reloadable from factory ammo I personally shot, not random range pickups. Headstamps are a mix of Prvi (PPU) and FC, with some Magtech tossed in. $50 FTF in Austin.
  3. T

    2,000lbs of 9mm

    Looking to buy 2,000lbs of 9mm Military brass for reloading, and I'm having trouble finding anything over 1,000 casings at a time other than the government liquidation site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. V

    Once Fired Brass For Sale

    BRASS FOR SALE! Today I have brass for sale that I have shot and collected from an indoor range. All brass is hand sorted and counted. I check all the brass and do my absolute best to pull any cases that are damaged or do not look good enough to be included. This is not a business for me...
  5. D

    Looking for 45 Colt brass

    I am having trouble finding decent brass for 45 Colt. New is fine. But not Starline brand. Once fired brass would be good too. So far any decent brass I have found is overpriced, probably because it's hard to find. Anyone know of a decent source for 45 Colt brass? Even better would be a good...
  6. Rangerscott

    Fired brass. (Lubbock)

    Fired brass. 5.56/.223 - 1871 .45 acp - 219 .40 s&w - 135 brass / 88 nickel 9mm - 367 .38 special - 10 30-30 - 10 5.7x28 - 17 .243 - 24 $200 for all
  7. Pro Street

    Colt 1911 smashing brass

    My son's Colt 1911 he just bought is smashing the brass and it ejects it over your head. What will cause this? See picture.
  8. G

    500 9mm Brass for sale (San Antonio / Schertz)

    Caliber: 9mm Manufacturer: Mixed (Blazer, FC, WCC, WIN) Quantity: 500+ 10/20 Quality: Once fired / cleaned These were all fired and picked up on the same day. They've not been deprimed, but have spent 5 or so hours tumbling in stainless steel media. They look good as new. I will trade for...
  9. G

    Match prepped .308 Brass for sale (San Antonio / Schertz)

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