1. P

    SOLD S&W M&P Shield 9mm $375 [San Antonio]

    ∆Smith & Wesson® M&P Shield, Performance Center •9mm, semiautomatic •Ported barrel and slide, from factory •Lighter trigger pull from S&W Performance Center •Night sights, factory •Two factory magazines included •Like new condition, less than 100 rounds fired •Great for concealed carry **Will...
  2. P

    SOLD Glock 21 gen 3 45acp $450 [San Antonio]

    Glock 21 gen 3 •45acp •Excellent condition •bright night sights •3 mags •Glock plastic case •No shipping. No tax. No fees. ✓Text me at 830-549-095zero $440
  3. Steve48

    Utah lawmaker opens constitutional carry bill

  4. Steve48

    Idaho becomes 9th state to adopt constitutional carry

    Video report: :)
  5. E

    Infowars Flash Open Carry CounterProtest at UT Texas against "MomsDemandAction"

    It's a flash one, so not much time, basically if you even see this thread by the time it's over. While it's open carry, doesn't mean it's only for those, a few people with a long pole and a few big gadsen/come and take it flags would be great. It's tomorrow 1. October 2015 on 12 AM at...
  6. franzas

    Handgun Open Carry- Where Do You Stand

    Hey y'all, I know this has been up for a vote a few times now and failed. I was just curious to see where y'all stand on the issue. 5 choices, from most permissive to most restrictive. option 4 = HB 700; CHL and level 2 holster
  7. D

    Convicted of a DWI over a year ago, can I keep a loaded shotgun in my truck? HELP!

    I am 20 years old and I was convicted of a DWI (first time) Class B Misdemeanor 13 months ago. I keep a loaded Mossberg 500 in the back seat of my truck (not visible). I have looked EVERYWHERE online to find out what the rules are for DWI Convicts (Class B Misdemeanor) and possessing loaded...
  8. T

    Open Carry of Long Guns

    What do you all think about the open carry of long guns? If many of us across Texas/US began to carry rifles & shotguns openly, it may bring some attention to the 2A fight while getting those who are neutral or against 2A rights to see normal everyday people who support gun rights. I would...
  9. transplanttexan

    Looking for KelTec PF9 - Austin Area

    Like the title says, I am looking for a PF9 in the Austin area. Preferably all black but will consider all color options. If you have extra mags and such, great but not a requirement. Cash, face to face deal somewhere between CP, Georgetown & San Marcos. PM for phone number and/or email if...
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