1. MJMcKool

    SOLD Selling Reloading Equipment for Pistol and Rifle [Round Rock]

    I bought about $3,000 worth of new reloading equipment back in 2013 during the Obama Ammo shortage. I never pressed a single bullet and now it's just taking up space. Most is Lee equipment, some RCBA. Raw lead, primers, good dry powder, Combo presses, scales, lead smelting equipment, bullet...
  2. P

    RCBS Competition Dies $30ea

    243 Win 308 Win (I'll also include neck sizer) 30-06 Sprg. 22-250 Rem 25-06 Rem (this is a STANDARD die set, its $15) Take the whole lot, and I'll reduce the price to $120 AND throw in FREE 44spl/44mag AND 45ACP 3-pc dies! (the pistol dies were not stored inside, and as such, they will need...
  3. C

    Dies for .223 (use in ar and bolt action) and dies 5.56 (use in ar only)

    Hello all. Thanks for allowing me to join the group. This is my first post and I cant wait to start the reloading process. I have a couple of questions listed below thanks in advance. 1. I am wanting to reload my .223 brass to work for my AR's, bolt, and breakovers. Will the .223 dies work for...
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