1. O

    HK 91/CETME/PTR 91 Build/gunsmith suggestions

    Looking for a gunsmith in DFW area who can build a CETME/HK 91 clone. Any suggestions?
  2. Bravodigger

    WTT HK G3 parts kit for AK parts kit

    WTT/WTS HK G3 parts kit for AK parts kit Got this this kit from hkparts web site a while back. I'm tooled up for building AKs currently and that's really all I want to work on. It doesn't have a barrel and I've demilled the trunion and pressed off the barrel parts. The kit has no barrel. They...
  3. Eli

    G3 HK-31 PTR-91 Magazines - 50 Available - SW Houston

    I have 50 surplus G3 magazines available, exc-new condition. $5 each or $100 for 25. First come first serve, no pre-selection, some are HK some are FMP some are other European. PM me please! Eli EDIT TITLE: HK-91!!
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