1. F

    Howdy from East Texas

    Howdy! I'm a relative newby that lives near Tyler. Interested in keeping up with self-defense pistols and hunting rifles. Also have a gripe I'll share in a couple of days. Looking forward to participating.
  2. F

    Kahr 380 not ejecting after firing

    Bought a Kahr 380 at the gun show over the weekend. My purchase was based on a friend's recomendation. Took it to the farm and fired a few rounds from it. 12 rounds and it didn't successfully eject a single round. Either didn't eject or ejected part way. Bought a different brand of ammo just in...
  3. A

    Kahr CM4043 CM40 40SW 3.6 6RD POLY pistol

    Kahr CM4043 CM40 40SW 3.6 6RD POLY pistol $349 shipped Kahr CM4043 CM40 40SW 3.6 6RD POLY pistol KAHR ARMS Standard Kahr Arms CM4043 CM4043 Compact 40 S&W 3.6" 6+1 Black Poly Grip & Frame/SS Slide The Kahr CM Series takes the value priced features of the CW series...
  4. NeverEnuffAmmo

    Went to a Gunshow, Found a Deal I couldn't pass up ....

    So I went to the gunshow to help a friend look around and I came across this Kahr CW40 at the Love Guns Etc booth, that was so dirty that I couldn't tell for sure what condition it was in, it even had some horrible wrap around grip tape stuck to it and it was obviously a trade in from...
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