1. MrWhip

    Need SPP!!!!

    I need small pistol primers and wish to trade. A box of 1000 CCI Small Pistol Primers #500 goes for $30-$35 (under normal conditions) and I picked up this box of 22LR at Walmart (before they got scarce) for $32.49. Seems like an even trade. I am interested in trading a box of 1000 Rounds...
  2. Bradmartin78

    SOLD 1,000 CCI 550 Magnum Small Pistol primers (Fort Worth)

    Bought the wrong primers while out of town. Unopened box of 1,000. Would like to trade for CCI 500 or sell for $30. Thanks.
  3. W

    Best place to buy powder and primers locally

    I know this should be of interest to all, the price of primes and powder can vary quite a lot, and because of the hazmat fees it's impractical for one to buy on line. So, (especially in major cities) where have you found the best deal on powder and primers and what was a recent price?
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