reloading equipment

  1. MJMcKool

    SOLD Selling Reloading Equipment for Pistol and Rifle [Round Rock]

    I bought about $3,000 worth of new reloading equipment back in 2013 during the Obama Ammo shortage. I never pressed a single bullet and now it's just taking up space. Most is Lee equipment, some RCBA. Raw lead, primers, good dry powder, Combo presses, scales, lead smelting equipment, bullet...
  2. J

    Need information on OLD reloading equipment

    Greetings! I'm seeking opinions and advice from experience reloaders here. I inherited a bunch of old (1960 at least) reloading equipment for .357/38sp and 9mm. This was purchased by my dad decades ago from a police dept sale. Behind the owners manuals is a lump of lead weighing 11lbs 5/8oz...
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