1. PeoplePhobic

    WTS/WTT (Longview) Uberti 1847 "Colt" Walker Black Powder Revolver 44 Caliber

    For sale is my Uberti 1847 Colt Walker Replica. It has been "upgraded" with some grips with little Colt emblems. I am also including this leather satchel with all this black powder stuff that I don't understand. The pistol doesn't come with this stuff from the factory but I did buy it with the...
  2. Evalladares86

    SOLD [Houston] Ruger GP100 357 Magnum/38 special FOR SALE $550

    No gun trade. Cash only Ruger GP100 357 Magnum/38 special FOR SALE 4.2 Inch barrel Hogue wood grip Hi-viz front sight Hi-viz rear sight 2 HDK quick loads Bianchi leather holster Barrel brush Ruger lock Factory sights ONLY 200 rounds shot through this gun.
  3. napalmsloth

    SOLD 2 S&W Revolvers [Beaumont]

    Well, Mom’s getting older and isn’t able to shoot any more. So, she asked me to sell her two revolvers so that she can get some things that will help her get around the house better. And, here they are: First up is a J-Frame Smith and Wesson Airweight model 37-2 in .38 SPL. It is made of...
  4. JonFTC

    The NRA Revolver Video - American Legacy Firearms

    Here is our latest video for the NRA Revolver. We hope you like it. American Legacy Firearms - NRA® 2014 Revolver on Vimeo
  5. A

    Smith and Wesson M637 150467 38 1 7/8 PINK SS

    Smith and Wesson M637 150467 38 1 7/8 PINK SS $399 shipped Smith and Wesson M637 150467 38 1 7/8 PINK SS The Smith & Wesson Model 637 5-shot J-frame is built with a stainless steel barrel and cylinder and an aluminum alloy frame with an exposed hammer and is supplied with black rubber Uncle...
  6. M

    Hi everyone. New to this site.

    I am a proud mama and grandma to a bunch of youngens. I love to shoot, break down and clean my weapons. I am an avid bike rider and a member of the Patriot Guard Riders of the United States SW Ohio chapter. I am an a US Army Veteran. I am part owner of a custom motorcycle shop. We build, repair...
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