1. Slaughter18

    SOLD Saiga AK 7.62x39 Houston

    I have this Saiga that has been Rear converted old holes welded up really great conversion bullet guide installed as well . Front end has been threaded for a muzzle break with a Krebs muzzle break and Cerakoted in a grey . And has an ar to m4 stock adapter from rifle dynamics and Tapco trigger...
  2. MTA89

    Saiga .223 Build / Conversion Thread

    Hey everyone, Right after I moved back to Texas this past March, I had bought a partially converted Saiga .223 off of Texas gun trader. I don't remember what I paid (rifle + 500 rounds of .223)but it was a very good price. It has sat in the back of my safe until about this December when I...
  3. T

    Saiga conversion experts. Can get a little help?

    What's up, texas gun talk! I have a saiga 7.62x39. About 90% complete with my conversion. And as many of you guessed, I need some help with the bullet guide. Any of you guys who have completed your conversion, in the Austin area wanna help out a fellow AK guy out? Really, what I think is...
  4. T

    Help with a Saiga bullet guide. I'm 90% done with conversion

    Hello. I have a saiga 7.62x39 that I was sitting on for some time. Anyway. I manage to convert it all of the way except the bullet guide. I started to install it. But my bit kept rocking out of place. To me it seems like a drill press would do better. So here's my question... Would anyone in...
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