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    WTB AR 15 jig (San Antonio)

    I have an 80% lower that I would like to finish, but I don't have a Jig. I am hoping someone would loan me there's. I'll supply me own bits. This would save me a lot of cash. Please let me know of you have a Jig to loan out or if you want to sell for reasonable price. Thanks!
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    March for 2nd amendment

    I see these kids walking out of school and people marching to demonstrate their views against gun rights. I say let's all have March to support our 2nd amendment right. I'm in San anAnton and I say lets meet tomorrow. I don't open carry but this is when I will. We all March with rifles and...
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    Interesting column

    This is an interesting column/blog post: Jason Stewart's Blog
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    California gun confiscation proposal

    I was just curious if anybody else had any opinions about this. Do you think if it passes if it could spread across the US? Also what do you all think about Mexico demanding a registry of gun owners in all of the states bordering Mexico?
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