self defense

  1. Sam7sf

    Dfw area help.

    A unique post. In a few months I will be looking for extra bodies to help me out. I need to train for jui jitsu testing and after I moved here from Oregon I don’t really know anybody. I’m not certified to teach but the nearest testing center is south of San Antonio. If you have any formal...
  2. abntxn

    Why can't liberals process this???

    Anti-Gun Group Calls Murder Victim's Sister & Gets a Shocking Message
  3. C

    People scatter as cookout robbery becomes shootout

    An outdoor cookout turned violent on July 20th when four men attempted to rob a group of people participating in a BBQ in Canton. During the robbery attempt, a would be victim pulled a firearm and open fired hitting two different suspects. JYD Points Of View - TheJunkYardNews: Unknown Victim Of...
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