1. Sam7sf

    SOLD 629 deluxe for? Palmer area.

    Seeing what trades might be out there. Great gun I’m more than willing to keep if no ones interested. Clean, taken care of, maybe 100 rounds fired. Some guns I’m interested in: Glock model 40, 45 colt lever action, 357 lever action, 17 hmr or 22 mag lever action,Russian sks, mini14, mini30...
  2. T

    2,000lbs of 9mm

    Looking to buy 2,000lbs of 9mm Military brass for reloading, and I'm having trouble finding anything over 1,000 casings at a time other than the government liquidation site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. L

    AR 7.62mm X 39mm Barrel and Bolt

    I have an 10.5" inch AR 7.62mm X 39mm Barrel and Bolt that I want to trade for a 5.56 NATO Barrel and Bolt. The Barrel is Cerakote (Cookie Cutter/Tan) and has a 1:10 Twist. Text me at Two1Zero-9seven3-four 3 eight 5 if interested
  4. L

    BL-C(2) Powder for RL-15/Benchmark/H-335/AA2520 (Austin Area)

    (SOLD) BL-C(2) Powder for RL-15/Benchmark/H-335/AA2520 (Austin Area) Gone! Thanks.
  5. C

    Want to buy Glock 17 (Houston)

    Im looking for a Glock 17. I have a few AR-15's I could maybe trade if your interested.
  6. D

    ISSC M22 for sale

    This was an incorrect post. I am unable to delete it so this is the next best thing.
  7. xd.40

    5.45X39MM for sale/trade (2 boxes of 20) in Dallas.

    Up for sale/trade are two (2) boxes of 5.45x39mm. i just got back from the gunshow in mesquite and i accidentally bought these two boxes of 5.45 thinking i was being handed boxes of 5.56. my mistake i should have checked before i left, so my mistake i wudnt mind losing a few bucks on it. i would...
  8. Glockster69

    Hicksville 4/6 horse trading ~ what chew got mang??

    With ammo purchases being so difficult, maybe we can buy what others need but can't seem to find and trade at the meet. Like so many I need .22LR (most anything but HPs considered including premium match grade) and .223 target rounds. What I am seeing in my stores in varying amounts includes...
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