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WTS .44Mag, .44Spl ammo [Georgetown]

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  • Ducati

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    Jul 6, 2021
    San Diego
    Factory Ammo

    SOLD - .270Win

    Federal PowerShok 130gr SP $30/box (2 boxes available, 20 rounds per box)

    Fiocchi 240gr JSP $80/box (4 boxes available, 50 rounds per box)
    Remington UMC 180gr JSP $80/box (2 boxes available, 50 rounds per box)

    Factory Reloads


    Box of 153 rounds $120


    Box of 607 rounds $800



    580 never fired, polished & lubed Starline casings $250

    Georgetown, TX

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    Just Another Boomer
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    Nov 22, 2011
    You're selling "factory reloads'. Which factory did the reloading and why isn't the ammo in standard remanufactured ammo packaging? PM me the answer for me to unlock the thread.

    ETA: Seller has responded to me that the reloads are factory remanufactured by "Midwest Ammunition" and that it's not in the original packaging simply because he's had it for years. I know how ammo can migrate out of original boxes so I've unlocked the thread.

    OP - As per my PM, please edit the title to include a physical location, as required by the rules for all classifieds.

    Good luck with the sale. We have rather discriminating buyers on this forum so you should expect a smooth sale if they like what you have on offer.

    ETA 2: Thank you, OP, for the quick fix of the title issue.
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