.45 ammo in El Paso


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Aug 13, 2010
El Paso,Tx
Admins: If you aren't OK with posting this here let me know...El Paso isn't really in Texas.

I have some .45 ACP ammo I have no firearm for anymore.


100..... 230gr Hydra Shok <----Hard to find
40...... 185 gr Win Silver Tip Hollow Point
50...... 185gr Monarch Hollow Point
200..... Win White Box Ball
100..... Federal Ball
100..... Blazer Ball
25....... Blazer Brass Ball
615 Total

Like to get rid of it all at once locally.....make cash offer (be realistic), or willing to trade for 9-40-5.56/.223-.308-7.62x39.

choy1@elp.rr.com, I check mail throughout the day.

Thanks for looking....Chris
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Jun 15, 2009
El Paso
All gone.....thank you, Sir. pleasure to meet you.
Was a pleasure doing business and shooting the s**t too.
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