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    Jun 24, 2008
    Ausin, Texas
    I have been looking to pickup a used 870 police magnum for a few months. I found a small lot of trade ins that carry all wood furniture and bead sights. They are pretty standard police magnums in pretty good condition. They do show some signs of wear, like all trade ins, but are completely functional. I can get one for $270 out the door. What do ya'll think?
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    I researched an 870P purchase for about 3 months and shopped a LOT before I bought one. I'm not sure that the $270 would be for a 870P but rather an 870 Express. The Express can be picked up for $335-ish new and about $270-ish used. There are about 8 variations of the 870P depending on stock, sights, tube extension, etc. with price ranging accordingly with options - from mid 500's to 800's. Any used ones I found seemed to hold their valued and I couldn't find any below $500. If it does say Police Magnum on the side, I'd grab it for $270!

    This is the best place I found for information listing the differences is

    The most knowledgable person I found on 870's is J.D. of AIPTactical. He does custom/upgrade work plus offers packages. You could check with him if you need any new springs or internals. If you do call him, he is great for information and definitely offers his opinion.
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