A few "firsts" today


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May 21, 2010
San Antonio, TX
Got out to the Bullethole this morning for some long overdue range time. Beautiful morning was a little overcast and around 70-72 degrees. Shot a few of my new guns for the first time: CZ-82, Sig Mosquito and Heritage revolver (22 Mag), all picked up from members of the forum. It was my first time ever shooting anything in 22 magnum and it was a very fun caliber to shoot. I was impressed by the Heritage revolver as it ran smoothly and was very accurate. The 82 and Mosquito ran fine as well. Shot 2 guns I have been wanting to try - Ruger's SR1911 and SR22 and was VERY impressed with both guns. The 1911 was very accurate and both guns had nice triggers. I have been wanting a 1911 for a while and am giving the Ruger a lot of consideration. All in all a very fun day at the range!



Aug 27, 2009
San Antonio!
Dang Jim, that Skeeter does look just like the one you sold me! :D
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