A good story.....


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Mar 10, 2008
It will go down in the statistics as yet another "child" killed by a gun and be used as another example why guns should be outlawed by the anti-gun types.

I am surprised that the Dallas paper reported it as they did. Usually the liberal press doesn't want to mention that a good guy successfully protected him/her self using a gun. They usually don't want to print anything that may sound positive with gun ownership.

It is always a shame when someone dies, but that is the risk one takes when breaking the law. Better the bad guy than the true victim. Another good example for concealed carry.

Old Man of the Mountain

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Jan 5, 2009
Required by state law. Not that big of a deal really.


Then why do we have a State Law on the books like that?

Is this Texas, or did we all get deported up into that Union?

Instead of wasting our Tax Dollars on a Grand Jury for no reason whatsoever, use the same Tax Dollars to buy the man some more ammo!
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