AAS hit piece on campus CHLs

Discussion in 'Gun Legislation' started by Armybrat, May 8, 2009.

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    Feb 27, 2009

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    I had to stop reading < half way through. It's either a joke or they really thing people will read that and not see that they made most of it up.

    That's the most ridiculous thing I've read in a long time.

    "Professor John J. Donohue of Yale Law School found that, if anything, concealed carry laws like Texas' "are associated with uniform increases in crime."

    Ya, gotcha. It's just the data that's all messed up and doesn't reflect it. And all the CHL holders involved in gun related crimes we keep hearing about.

    "Additionally, the authors failed to note a 2000 news article reporting roughly 3,400 Texas concealed handgun license-holders arrested or convicted of crimes including double murder, armed robbery and kidnaping.

    Ah, there it is. I knew that data on us criminals was there somewhere. Oh wait, it's important to note, but not important enough to cite? (I thought the media was better with grammar and spelling, even have editors and people to proof?)

    "...additional complications created by forcing guns onto college campuses."

    Forcing guns onto campus? Maybe I've missed some other bill??

    "License-holders are not required to have police training, and 10 hours of target practice is not sufficient for carrying a weapon into an environment as complex as a college campus. On the other hand, campus police are continually trained to take out active shooters on sight, equipping them to end a situation quickly without waiting for SWAT to arrive. By putting additional handguns into the campus environment, Texas risks slowing police response to a shooting, and thus increasing the death toll."

    That whole thing is a acid trip.....

    "Texas could also do more to keep guns away from dangerous people in the first place. Felons and the dangerously mentally ill can buy semi-automatic handguns and AK-47s from private sellers at Texas gun shows with no background check required and no questions asked."

    Love the dramatic and selective use of words/scare tactics.

    "The way to prevent bullets from flying in college classrooms is not to send more bullets flying. Strengthening the mental health system, supporting campus police departments and requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales will be more effective at preventing the next shooting — in Texas and nationwide"

    Ok, so now their real motive comes out.... and, making it mandatory for people to eat will end world hunger. Our problems are solved. Geesh.
  3. MadMo44Mag

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    Jan 23, 2009
    The problem is not guns but people.
    A gun never jump up and shot anyone - a person did.
    Until these id10ts figure that out there will always been anti gun folks.
    Take all the guns in the world and throw them in the sea and people intent on killing will find another tool / weapon.
    I firmly believe that the more armed law abiding citizens we have is a greater deterrent for the BG than any kind of law on the books.
    That's just me though.
  4. Starker

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    JK, I totally agree. It is so interesting to compare this article to the article they reference. What a mess of an article. Really, it is just embarrassing!
  5. DCortez

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    He called it a hit piece and that's exactly what it is.

    Kind of like Hate Crimes. They only report the stories one way...
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