About Us / How to Join (it's free and there are over 450 of us!)

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    About Us / How to Join (it's free and there are 600+ of us!)

    We're an easy-going group for men & women (about a 50/50 mix) looking to make friends in a relaxed environment while enjoying and exploring Target & Action shooting. We welcome ALL SKILL LEVELS!

    DTAS video from past events: YouTube - DallasTargetAction's Channel[​IMG]

    DTAS Offers:
    - Monthly Dinner Social
    - Various Trainings & Classes
    - Multiple monthly competitions
    - Monthly Range Day
    - FREE/Discount gear from companies in our sport
    - Avg. of 7-10 events/mo.

    A great group of people in which to explore and share the sport with!

    Click here to go to our web site and learn more:

    DTAS Web Site


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