Another armed church


TGT Addict
Jan 23, 2009
This is good press and I am surprised at the media carrying this story.

Pastor Welcomes Gun Owners to Bring Their Handguns to Church


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Louisville pastor is welcoming gun owners into his church's sanctuary Saturday for what he says is a show of support for the right to bear arms.
Ken Pagano is asking visitors to bring their unloaded handguns in a holster at a late afternoon event at New Bethel Church in southwest Louisville.
Pagano says he got the idea after some members at the Pentecostal church expressed concern over the Obama administration's views on gun control. He says the gathering is meant to promote safe gun ownership.
The "Open Carry Celebration" will include a handgun raffle.
It has prompted a coalition of peace and church groups to stage a peaceful, gun-free event across town at the same time on Saturday.
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