WTS Antique Finnish M39, Polish WZ-48 Mosin trainer, Russian AK stock set, Sig P226 - SA, Austin


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Jul 21, 2010
San Antonio, Republic of Texas
1. Finnish M39 built on a Russian 1897 receiver. This is a 1942 M39 issued to the Finnish SkY forces (Civil Guard). It is also SA marked for the Finnish Army. Likely a veteran of the Continuation war with Russia.
7.62x54r with a dark bore, but strong lands. Finnish finger-groove stock shows use but is in good condition with the unique dark permanganate stock treatment the Finns used. Comes with a pretty rare, VG condition Finnish SkY marked sling designed for use with the M39. Bolt is Finn matched.
Antique receiver M39's were always harder to find and sought after. They are not seen much anymore at all.
FTF preferred in Central Texas. Will ship directly to you at your cost for shipping/insurance.

Full album (42 pics) https://ibb.co/album/zsxNNh

2. Polish, 1956 WZ-48 trainer. These .22 single shot rifles were used in the 50's as a trainer for using Mosin-nagant rifles. Beech stock is in nice condition but shows use/wear. Buttstock is OW marked for Polish military issue. Bore is shiny. Bolt mismatch. Neat little shooter and accurate. Comes with Romanian leather mosin-style sling , with manufacturer stamp legible.
FTF preferred in Central TX. Will ship to FFL/03 for extra cost.

Full album (17) https://ibb.co/album/YXVQ3T

3. Soviet AK stock set complete. Surplus set includes screws. Great fit for an early AK74 or even late 60's AK47.
$110 plus shipping

4. Sig Sauer P226 DAO .40 cal. This is a German made, LEO return. Used but in good condition with a bright bore. Comes with Sig made mag.
FTF preferred Central TX. Will ship to FFL01 for extra cost.

Album (13 images) https://ibb.co/album/DrGDjQ


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