any one interested in an enfield?


huck finn

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Feb 11, 2009
san antonio
Went to the gun show in SA this week end, it was a great show for the vendors. Any ways as I walked around I started getting the itch to build something new. There was a fellow there with a Caspian frame for a 1911 for a hundred and sixty five bucks that I thought would make a nice project. truth is im a long gun guy, If any one in the SA area has an interest in a sporterized 1917 Enfield with a body’s stock the ears have been milled and the bolt has been modified to clear a scope its still chambered in .30-06 and has been taped for one piece Leopold base and rings, currently has a piece of crap banter 2x8 of no value. Was going to build.35 wheelen, oh well. im looking for a buildable action long or short action ill rebarel and stock. im sorry but I am not interested in anything exotic just the standard bolt actions or a project no. 1 thinking I would like to build a .257 bob for the girls or maybe a 6.5-06 for a range gun, give me a yell if you have an interest
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