Any possible interest in a group buy?


Apr 20, 2008
Austiin area
For the Lone Star Edition 1911 I am working on?

I emailed one of the companies I have in mind for the production of them... here's the thing they will be a kit form pistol that would basically only need assembly.

I emailed them some of the specs, special requests, and such.

I asked them about a special serial sequence, both slide and frame, and a few other things also...

The basic LSE edition 1911 will be stainless frame/slide (considering ported barrel and slide or compensator) OH YEAHHHH...

A few other suprises...

I emailed them about a possible willingness to do a group buy sort of thing on these kits with only a limited number being produced. I do not have a price point at this time but will get back as soon as I have the info. I am here now asking what kind of interest there would be so I can get a general idea of what kind of production numbers I am looking at.

I am currently thinking around 50-100 1st edition Lone Star kits... but could be less, but not much more. I want to keep them sort of exclusive.

I will still be building one of these pistols regardless, but if there are people interested in owning something special I am working with a couple of companies to see what they can do to make them realllly SPECIAL!!

Interest can be from, yeah I would like to see but I am not interested in buying one to SIGN ME UP ALREADY!!!!

Goooooo for feedback...



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May 29, 2017
Austin, TX
Would depend on who is building it, and what it looks like. Ported barrels, compensated, etc. shouldn't be on the gun. Keep it normal looking, but with Texas flare.


Mar 4, 2008
Would need to see schematic or prototype before commiting.Are you going to use Fusion parts?


Apr 20, 2008
Austiin area
I was actually thinking of having them done as 100% ready to assemble kits or fully built... at this time I am in talks with Fusion exclusively.

I don't know what other small but high quality manufacturer would be able or willing to tackle such a project, but I am open to other companies. I ordered some Fusion parts to check them out...

Texas flare, but stock parts... that would probably be more feasible anyway...

I am to the drawing board... it could take months, but it will be cool I promise!!!


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Feb 29, 2008
No, not for me thank you...
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