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APD Officer's Gun found at park

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  • CarbonCycles

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    Apr 2, 2008
    Austin, Texas
    Fess up, which one of you guys did this? :p

    NEWS BRIEFLY: "Woman finds Austin police officer's gun on park bench"

    By Sean Beherec

    Police are investigating how an officer left his loaded gun at a South Austin park.

    Austin police Officer Daniel Eveleth left his Glock handgun at Slaughter Creek Metropolitan Park after training a police dog Monday morning at the park, where the gun was found and reported by a woman, police spokesman Sgt. Richard Stresing said.

    The woman who reported the found gun was with a group of other women and kindergarten students who were visiting the park.

    "We're very concerned that this happened," Stresing said, adding that it is still unknown whether the officer removed the gun from his holster or if there was an equipment malfunction.

    No one was injured at the park and the gun was delivered to Eveleth's house. Eveleth did not know the gun was missing until it was returned to him, Stresing said.

    Stresing said the incident is currently under review by the chain of command to see if there was negligence on Eveleth's part. No disciplinary action has been taken, and there is no timeline for the review process, he said.

    Stresing said this kind of incident is common throughout the country, but he said it rarely occurs in Austin.
    Hurley's Gold


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    Jun 24, 2008
    Ausin, Texas
    He'll get days on the beach for sure. I can guess what happend. He was incorporating his weapon into his K9 training and forgot to reholster it. Handlers often utilize freshly fired weapons and/or weapons with human scent during their training. He was having his K9 locate the weapon amongst the playground equipment. He was doing this in the middle of the night so no civilians would be around. He just forgot to reholster it.


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    Jun 12, 2008
    they blamed it on equipment and the Is there no accountability anymore? He was ultimately responsible for that weapon! I dont think "dog training" was what was really happening if you get my drift...
    Every Day Man


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