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  • Das Jared

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    Jul 20, 2012
    Howdy folks, today I am going to start the process for buildin an AR10. This is going to be a full custom build, no pre-assembled parts. The rifle is going to be chambered in .308, have either an 18" or 20" barrel, and probably an SWFA 5-20x scope on it. This is to be used from 100yds, to 800yds, the length of the runway at the family farm. It will be used for primarily target shooting, but also coyote and other pest control.

    Receiver- Haven't decided yet, but its between either the CMT billet matched receiver set,, OR, the Mega Maten Monolithic billet receiver set, I would PREFER to go with the CMT set, simply because of personal preference, and ease of barrel installation, BUT, they haven't been in stock for some time now.

    Barrel- Still up in the air, and open to suggestions at this point, but will be either 18" or 20". I have looked at the Mega barrels, Rainer Arms Ultra Match, and Noveske. Kreiger quoted me 800 bucks for what I wanted, so they are completely out. My goal is 1 MOA with factory FGMM or any factory made match ammo, and as I do not reload yet, nor have the space to do so, South West Ammo will be feeding this gun, as I have had great luck with all of their ammo.

    Gas Block-I am looking to do an adjustable gas block, as this rifle will be shot suppressed in the future. Still on the search for this.

    Gas System- This will be a DI gas system, no heavy, wonky piston driven crud for me. Will either be midlength or rifle length, depending on what length barrel I go.

    Rail System- This is only applicable if I decide to use the CMT receiver set. I am thinking either the Centurion Arms CMR 7.62 railRainier Arms™ | Browse | Railed Forearms | Centurion CMR 7.62 / .308 Rail System - 12, or the KAC URX 3.1URX 3.1 7.62 Open to suggestions here, as well. I want as close as I can get to a LaRue OBR rail, NO CARBON FIBER. This depends on if I use rifle gas or midlength gas, too. I don't want the gas block stocking out way past where the rail ends, IMO, that looks really tacky.

    Trigger- Geissele trigger of course, still haven't decided which, yet.

    - Going rifle length, so a Magpul PRS will be sitting behind it, along with a MIAD underneath.

    Bipod- An Atlas bipod will be holding this bad boy up and rock steady.

    Optic Mount- I will be using LaRue Tactical products for this, probably QD rings.

    Optic- SWFA SS HD 5-20x50 MRADSWFA SS HD 5-20x50 Tactical 30mm Riflescope UNLESS I can get a good deal on a used Nightforce.

    Will start to post pictures as parts come in. The big components of the rifle will be finished in a tan or desert color, the receivers, stock, and rail. I aim to have this completed by Fall Hicksville. Hope y'all enjoy!


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    Dec 24, 2013
    Borger, TX
    I need to dig up the adj gas blocks I found for mine.
    There were 3-4 I found.
    Nothing that would work pefect for what I wanted and I planned on modifying whatever it is I got.
    Which brand/design you get also depends on barrel OD.



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