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May 29, 2017
Austin, TX
I'm setting this up to be a host library to any and all articles that members decide to author.

Some ideas on topics include:

- In-depth Review of a New Gun
- In-depth Review of a Firing Range
- In-depth Review of a Firearms Related Accessory (Holster, Reloading Setup, etc.)
- Visits to Companies (Wilson, STI, HK, Gemtech, etc.)
- Lists of Importance (Ranges, Ammo Makers, Gun Makers, etc.)
- Techniques / How-Tos (Reloading, Shooting, Cleaning, etc.)

Basically if you want to put some effort into a post and make it informative then this is the place for it. If you need help putting the articles together, I am here to help. Send me a PM or email and I will assist you.

Articles will not be open to replies, they will be locked upon posting. Changes to articles will be addressed as needed.


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