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Assault Weapons: Evil Black Rifles (or perhaps not)

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  • iratollah

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    May 25, 2008
    Even though I have a couple of EBRs, and my daughter refers to hers as a competition rifle, there wasn't anything special about this article that impressed me. It wasn't written for the antis, too long. To reach the antis, it would necessarily be much more concise and go directly to the point. IMHO the article was simply preaching to the choir.

    Besides, wasn't the author really referring to a battle rifle? I thought an assault rifle was at least .30 calibre. Of course, MSM doesn't know the difference and doesn't care.

    Then again I'm a parent who has made an 'assault' rifle freely available to his high school age daughter, after all she does have to be able to practice her dry firing on her own schedule. Imagine the uproar that would cause among the antis, a 17 year old with their own AR. :eek:


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    Feb 21, 2008
    Austin, TX
    That's the problem, liberals/anti gun people are often of that position because they are irrationally over-emotional about guns for the wrong reasons. If someone could educate them and show them that you simply follow 4 rules ALL the time, and then accidents never happen. Also, it would help to explain to them, in layman's terms, why they should be even more afraid being unarmed as they have absolutely no real way to defend themselves from a serious threat that can and likely will happen completely at random. I think if people can realize there are NO accidents and only negligence with firearms, that would go a long way towards alleviating some of the fears. I honestly think that some anti's actually think that guns just go off at random. ;)

    Overall, I think the one ultimate determining factor, and probably a question anti's should be asked is how much do you love yourself and your family? Seriously, if they aren't willing to fight with everything they've got to defend themselves or their family, then they are just second rate citizens. If they aren't willing to put aside their dislike of firearms long enough to buy one, learn how to use it "just in case" so that they have the best chance of being able to defend themselves and their family, they are just second rate citizens. I think once people realize that fighting unarmed against an armed attacker will likely be fatal, and once they realize they love themselves and their family, and that firearms are the only tool that can insure EVERY individual has a fighting chance at surviving, I think then they might actually open their minds a bit. There are plenty of people out there that don't "like" guns, that still own them for self defense, and I see nothing wrong with that.
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