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  • Gopher

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    Mar 5, 2008
    Far, far, far North Dallas
    Steven Fromholtz: Recorded by Lyle Lovette


    (Steven Fromholz)
    Some folks say there ain't no bears in Arkansas
    Some folks never seen a bear at all
    Some folks say that bears go around eating babies raw
    Some folks got a bear across the hall

    Some folks say that bears go around smelling bad
    Others say that a bear is honey sweet
    Some folks say this bear's the best I ever had (how did you fix it?)
    Some folks got a bear beneath their feet

    Some folks drive the bears out of the wilderness
    Some to see a bear would pay a fee
    Me I just bear up to my bewildered best
    And some folks even see the bear in me

    So meet a bear and take him out to lunch with you
    And even though your friends may stop and stare
    Just remember that's a bear there in the bunch with you
    And they just don't come no better than a bear


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    May 24, 2008
    A friend of mine visited Kodiak island, and according to him there was very little record of bear attacks there.... but the missing person list was pretty damn long.
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