Beretta 92FS Fusion - We have one for sale only $12,000!


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Feb 24, 2009
I'd wear the shit out of a $12k watch.
I'd probably never handle that pistol without white gloves, much less fire it.

In the grand scheme of factory new production "bon vivant" items, a $12k watch is still pretty low on the totem pole, whereas a $12k pistol is pretty high.

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I wouldn't even insert a empty mag.

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Oct 26, 2013
Leander, TX
It is pretty hard to take this gun seriously...basically a shiny M9 for $12k. I would personally go for a pre-86 Class the same time maybe you would feel different seeing it in person. Quoting from :

"A bit of both, walnut and carbon fiber grips, walnut inlays, steel construction (not alloy like the new ones), single action trigger, lower profile sights than the 92fs (and the front is removable, not that anyone's going to change it on this one), and the production run is between 60 and 90, I thought it was 60 total, but someone was saying it was 90, so today I'll try to get a photo of stamp.
The thing feels like god is holding your hand."

"Very very limited production, it took 3 years for the 2 we ordered to be delivered! Being a single action pistol made out of steel, probably? The joke around the store was it needed a good kydex holster and some Wolf reloads, and maybe a fiber optic sight and some rubber grips."

"Someone made this weapon, because they loved it and made a vision their reality and ours. I respect that so much. The details show you how special this thing really is. What a beautiful pistol."
I've seen $30,000 rifles/shotguns and noone flinched! I've even seen $300,000 shotguns. I was merely reflecting on and agreeing with vaqueros post that people are ridiculing this gun because it is a beretta.

Having spent a fair amount of time in retail in a store with high dollar merchandise I can say that there is ALWAYS someone willing to spend the money on expensive stuff!


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Jul 31, 2011
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I think it's based in a very shallow perspective of certain business dealings.

A $12,000 Panerai or Breitling is going to play multiduty on my wrist, quietly aiding visually and placing me on the same level as guys two or three times my age with 10x the success without me having to open my mouth. That way when I do speak, I dont have to preface it with my resume and my breath isn't wasted on deaf ears, thus contributing to the deal I want to get done or the job I'm hoping to get coming to fruition.

A $12,000 pistol, from a business perspective, is going to require a much more intimate setting to talk about it, and an even more open environment to show off. Even then, whether someone understands the value or not, is entirely based upon their knowledge of firearms.
I would t know a $12,000 watch from a $120 watch. Or the $120 watch from a Walmart watch.

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Mar 21, 2012
Beretta is one of the most reputable high end brands out there, albeit for their shotguns. If anyone is in the Dallas-Fort area, check out the Beretta Gallery. You'll walk out feeling you're in need of an African Safari trip. I'm sure the pistol is beautiful, but I could never shoot it... Ever. And if someone attempted to steal your watch, you couldn't use it to defend it.


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Mar 23, 2015
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Lol high end? Their shotguns are shit, just like that shit fake wood grain they put on their stocks.

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