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Big Country Shooting Range in Richwood, TX range report

Discussion in 'Other Areas' started by Moonpie, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Moonpie

    Moonpie TGT Addict Lifetime Member

    Ventured over to the new indoor shooting range in Richwood.
    First time there so a re-con report is in order.

    Facility just opened a couple of weeks ago.
    Construction is ongoing.
    Parking area entry is made through a side business as the main entryway hasn't been finished. Parking area is concrete.
    The short range was closed for construction today while I was there.
    It is a gun shop. Inventory is modest. FFL transfer fee is $30.
    They rent firearms. If you rent their gun you must purchase their ammunition for use.
    Pretty much standard rule everywhere.
    They do allow you to swap out the rental gun for another with no additional fee except for the new caliber ammo.
    Rules are common sense.
    No tracer, incendiary, steel core ammo.
    Calibers up to .30-06 allowed.
    NO BLACKPOWDER. This made The Moonpie a sad panda.
    Facility is clean. Well lit. Ventilation is acceptable.
    Staff was friendly and helpful. Gave me a short tour of the ranges.
    Ranges are typical. Concrete stalls with automated target holders.
    Fee is $15 per hour/$25 per couple. $12 per hour for active mil, first responders, and seniors. They also have monthly and yearly memberships available.
    15,25,50yd ranges.
    Range is located at the intersection of FM 2004 and Business 288 in Richwood.
    Hours: M - Th 11am-8pm
    Fri - 11am-9pm
    Sat - 9am-9pm
    Sun - 12:30 - 7pm

    Overall it is a nice facility. I liked it.

    They also run specials.
    Mon - 11am - 2pm - Seniors $7.50
    Tues - 5pm-8pm - Couples(2) $20
    Wed - 5pm-8pm - Veterans $7.50
    Thur - 5pm - 8pm- Ladies $7.50
    Sun - 12:30-7pm - Kids 12&under free w/adult

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