black powder


Feb 4, 2009
Is anyone in the Houston area selling real black powder; as in GOEX fffg? Pyrodex is available but I'm having trouble finding the real thing which my Uberti Remington revolver seems to prefer.

Since Rebel Arms in Pasadena closed I'm having trouble finding it.


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Mar 22, 2009
Here is a link to powder inc, it sells BP directly to your door. I buy KIK oowder in 25LB lots to get the best price.


There is a Goex Distributor in Louisiana, Jacks powder keg


He delivers as well. He also has bulk available but you have to pick it up. Also you will need some cans to put it in.

If 25 pounds is too much you can always split the purchase with some one else.

A web site like Traditional muzzleloaders might have some one in your area ready to split an order.


Have fun
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