Boston Legal: Dances With Wolves


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Oct 5, 2008
Boston Legal - I love this show!!

This is a great show if you've never seen it. (If you like those high speed, fast talking, thought provoking type of shows.) :cool:

It has a huge amount of political undertones. However, the best part is the 2 friends, James Spader & William Shatner, are very different in their polical opinions but they share a close friendship that not very many people can say they have. Each episode ends with them out on the balcony of their office having a true guy moment.

Check it out on Monday nights @ 9:00 CST on ABC.

I try not to miss an episode.



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Feb 21, 2008
Austin, TX
I love the show. Especially the character Alan Shore played by James Spader. He as well as other lawyers on the show typically get into excellent debates, closings, and other monologues that can sometimes be really good. The negative thing about that show is, overall, they portray guns and gun owners in a really bad light. Shatner's character on the show is portrayed as sort of a nutjob, mentally unstable, and extremely dangerous with firearms. It is by no means pro-gun unfortunately. In fact, the argument his lawyer (Jerry) makes in court in this show is very condescending of the 2nd Amendment, and basically implies that it's not really a right but more a flavor of the moment depending on the president that happens to be in office at the time. It's unfortunate, though the show still has some excellent dialogue from time to time.

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