Buck Mark dis-assembly


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Apr 8, 2008
Coastal Texas
I just bought a new Buck Mark and am looking for some realistic instructions for dis-assembly and cleaning. The included manual doesn't have instructions and indicates you don't need to clean anything but the barrel and bolt face. Normally that would be true but I am still getting black oil coming out from under the bolt assembly. I would also like to polish the feed ramp because it seems rather rough.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Nov 16, 2008
Step-by-step instructions are available in the Browning section on [url]www.rimfirecentral.com[/URL] Best go to place on the net for rimfire questions no matter what the make or whether rifle, pistol, or revolver. It's not hard; just have to remove a couple of allen head hex bolts. Good instructions on the site. After you learn to disassemble it just get a bore snake and don't tear it apart unless it starts to FTF. At least that's what I have found with both my Buckmarks.


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Oct 22, 2008
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Pops got it right. If it's new, you might need a more extensive break down, but once you have to good and clean, that should only be necessary perhaps once a year or so unless you drop it in the lake or something like that. Bore snake and wipe down is all most .22's need.
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